Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Protecting Your Enamel


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Did you know your tooth enamel is the hardest mineral substance in your body? It is stronger than your bones. This hard, outer surface layer of your teeth, protects against tooth decay. It acts as a protection shield against your teeth. Being that it is on the outside of your teeth, it is easy to damage it over the foods we eat and by neglecting care for our mouth. Here are 2 ways you can prevent enamel damage such as decaying or discoloration.

1. Eliminate Acidic Foods:
Eating foods that are high in acidic such as berries, sugar, honey, lemon, and others can contribute to the decaying of your enamel. A simple step to start is by eliminating sugary fruit juices and soda from your daily diet intake.

2. Utilize Mouthwash: 
Using mouthwash after eating to wash away food particles or simply for a fresh breath, can help maintain your smile and enamel healthy.

3. Use a Specific Toothpaste:
Use a toothpaste designed to help enamel remain strong or combat the sensitiveness of enamel loss.

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