Monday, June 26, 2017

Benefits Of A Beautiful Smile

Everyone wants a naturally aligned and beautiful smile, and it is no secret that orthodontic braces or clear aligner therapy can help deliver one. There are greater benefits to wearing braces than just having straight teeth. You will gain many oral benefits in addition to cosmetic ones.

Oral Health: Crooked and/or crowded teeth often overlap each other making it difficult to keep those tight spaces clean.  Brushing and flossing become more difficult allowing bacteria and plaque to build up.  This can eventually lead to periodontal disease and decay. With orthodontic treatment your teeth will become properly aligned which will allow more effective brushing.

Speech Impediments: The position of you teeth play a role in speech.  When the dentition is out of alignment, either the teeth are too far out or pushed back too far, this can affect speaking patterns and possibly cause embarrassment and frustration.  Orthodontic treatment can readjust the positioning of the teeth to allow for clearer and more professional speech.

TMJ prevention: TMJ (Temporomanibular Joint) can be prevented by receiving braces as orthodontic treatment. TMJ can occur from stress on the jaw joint in people that have an incorrect bit pattern or misalignment of the bite. Teeth that have been aligned by braces also have a better bite pattern and this helps with chewing.

Our goal is to the enhance the quality of life for those who come to us for their orthodontic health care. If you have any questions regarding braces as orthodontic treatment feel free to contact us today.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Dentist vs Orthodontist

Recently there has been a lack of understanding about who should be providing your orthodontic care. Most patients contemplate on whether they should seek treatment for braces or clear aligners from their general family dentist, or a certified orthodontic specialist. Making the decision to get orthodontic treatment is an important one that will affect your dental health for a lifetime, so it’s important that consumers are informed of the significant differences in care between a certified orthodontist and a general dentist.

In reality, just like not all doctors are the same, the same fact is true when it comes to dentistry. Did you know that all orthodontists are dentists, but only 7% of dentists are orthodontist? This is determined by training, as all general dentists complete 8,000 hours of dental training for their dental degrees, orthodontists start with this same training and continue on with over 4,000-6,000 hours in an accredited residency program to learn orthodontic basics. A general dentist is wonderful for routine dental work, but the scope of their practice is preventive, cosmetic, and restorative. Orthodontists, on the other hand, are trained specialist and have the expertise in smile and facial aesthetics, jaw function, facial growth and development, tooth movement, alignment of teeth and jaws, and straightening of teeth. Thus, orthodontists have the best experience, judgement, and certifications to give the best orthodontic treatment for all patients with braces.

You will notice today several general dentists are advertising orthodontic care such as Invisalign, as well as offering special discounts for these treatments. We urge you to recognize that these general dentists are not orthodontic specialists recognized by the American Dental Association.

At Hinesly Orthodontics we understand that your smile is priceless and want you to be confident in knowing that our orthodontic office is the clear choice for braces.