Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Shorter Treatment, Long-lasting Smile

Did you know Research has shown that tooth movement is accelerated by up to 50%, potentially shortening conventional orthodontic treatment time by several appointments?

On average, traditional braces can take up to two years or more to straighten the teeth, a time that is filled with periodic orthodontic visits at Hinesly Orthodontics. What would you say if we could cut that time in half!? Well we can, with AcceleDent.

Shorter treatment times with AcceleDent

AcceleDent is changing the way orthodontic patients achieve a straighter smile. This revolutionary technology makes it possible to shorten treatment time by up to 50 percent, compared to traditional braces without AcceleDent.

AcceleDent is a daily-use device that includes a fitted mouthpiece and an activator. This activator delivers gentle, pain-free pulses that encourage your teeth to move more quickly in the direction of your orthodontic device. When used for 20 minutes each day as prescribed by our office, AcceleDent can cut a two-year treatment in half! Of course, any daily commitment requires convenience and portability. AcceleDent was designed for versatility, with a lightweight, compact design and a convenient storage case. The device easily charges via its USB port, which also doubles as a computer connection to track your history of use.

AcceleDent review according to
 "AcceleDent significantly shortened my braces treatment duration, reducing the brace alignment as well as refinement periods by half. I would recommend this to anyone!"

Is AcceleDent right for you?

You may be a candidate for AcceleDent if you are undergoing or preparing to undergo orthodontic treatment and are interested in a shorter treatment time. AcceleDent is available at Hinesly Orthodontics.  We are using AcceleDent for Invisalign patients as well.  Normally we instruct patients to change the aligners every two weeks.  With AcceleDent patients are changing their aligners every week, therefore further shortening their treatment time.  Please ask if you are a candidate for AcceleDent, you will enjoy the results.