Thursday, June 28, 2018

June Podcast Recap: The Next Health Problem of the Decade?

This month, our monthly podcast is about a new worrisome trend in health, “Juuling.” What is Juuling and what is the big issue?

“This could be the next health problem of the decade” - Dr. Hinesly

The Juul is a smoking device that looks like a flashdrive. It was first developed by Stanford University students to help curb cigarette smoking in adults. “In reality it is attracting teenagers who have never smoked in huge numbers, no device is as worrisome as the Juul because of both its explosion and popularity and the heavy dose of nicotine it delivers,” Dr. Hinesly says. 

Some do not consider it smoking or vaping, with teens thinking it is harmless. Manufacturers have created flavors such as fruit medley, mango or cool mint. The odor is subtle and easily can be mistaken for a lotion or body spray.

Educate yourself and teens on the dangers of this practice. Learn more about Juuling in our podcast and by researching a few articles.