Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Temporary Discomfort, Long-Lasting Results

When thinking about orthodontic treatment the first question people usually have is, "Will it hurt?”. There seems to be a common fear among everyone with regards to the pain orthodontic treatment might bring. Well Dr. Hinesly has some good news, orthodontic treatment is not as bad as you think it is.

Orthodontic treatment has improved dramatically over the years. But as a general rule, initially, braces do make your teeth tender and sore for the first few days after having them placed. But the soreness is not unbearable. The slight soreness you feel comes from the fact that your teeth are beginning to move and they are not used to the pressure the arch wire and brackets are causing. As time goes by, your teeth will get use to the braces and your soreness will go away.

It is important to know that today’s braces are more comfortable than ever. But if you still think braces might hurt more than we are letting on, here are a few tips that will help reduce any soreness you may feel:

  • Take an over the counter medicine like Advil. 
  • Rinse your mouth with warm salt water. 
  • Eat soft foods like yogurt and mash potatoes. 
  • Place heating pad or warm was rag on jaw. 
  • Avoid acidic drinks; those drinks with acid can irritate a sore mouth. 
  • Use over the counter oral anesthetic like Orajel. 
  • Apply wax to any bracket or wire bothering your cheek, tongue or lips.

If you have any questions about starting orthodontic treatment at our office, please contact us leave a question on our Facebook page!