Thursday, August 3, 2017

We’ve All Suffered From Pizza Burn, Right?

According to Gallop Poll, approximately 3 billion pizzas are sold in the US every year, and we consume about 251,777,000 pounds of pizza per year. If you’ve done your fair share of eating some of the 3 billion pizzas sold nationwide, then chances are you’ve also had your time of suffering from pizza burn. Pizza burn can happen in that micro second it takes to indulge in your first bite of that hot, cheesy, saucy pizza that you just could not wait to bite into. Though burns may be a little out of the orthodontists’ league, we wanted to take a second anyway and give you some helpful tips to get you through the pizza burn pain. When it comes to your mouth, Hinesly Orthodontics has you covered.

So whether it is a pizza burn, or another hot food you should have waited on before biting into, chances are you’ve burned your mouth before. There are several symptoms that can occur with this unfortunate mishap, from tears in the roof of your mouth to blisters. Check out these important steps to take to soothe your mouth next time you have this accident, and help it heal correctly.

Applying or sucking on ice can relieve the stinging. Gargling cold water or eating ice cream are other options.

An over-the-counter pain reliever can help, if the pain is really distracting.

Squeezing Vitamin E from a capsule over the wound can speed up healing. It will regenerate new tissue and heal the wound.

Resist touching the burned area. This may be difficult, but by touching the affected area, the lesion may become irritated further.

Drinking milk can coat the scorched area.

Avoid acidic, crunchy, and other hot foods, or even very salty and spicy dressings. This will stop the burn from getting irritated further.

Maintain good oral hygiene while your mouth is burnt, keeping it as clean as possible to promote healing and prevent further infection.

Make sure you allow your burn to heal; it usually takes about a week for soreness and blistering to pass. Also, let us know if you have any home remedies that we didn’t list, or any interesting stories about a time you burned your mouth. Leave a comment or post it on our Facebook wall! Also, check out this video we found with more helpful tips for fighting pizza burn!