Wednesday, February 20, 2019

2 Habits for a Brighter Smile in 2019

We are still very well into a new year and love all the growth and changes we are seeing into our patients smiles! We love the new year, because it is an opportunity for growth and positive change. At Hinesly Orthodontics, we want to ensure you incorporate healthy habits and take care of your oral health. Here are 2 habits you should implement to ensure you’re smiling brighter this year.

#1) Switch Toothbrush: Switching your toothbrush is a big step, most people disregard. Replacing your toothbrush can have a valuable impact. The Academy of Dental Association, recommends switching out your toothbrush every 3-4 months for health reasons and because the bristles can become too stiff, which can be too hard for your teeth and enamel. This simple step will keep your mouth and teeth feeling healthy.

#2) Pledge to Floss More: Your smile is what makes you, YOU! This year, pledge to floss more. It’s never too late to begin flossing.

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