Monday, January 27, 2020

iTero Element at Hinesly Orthodontics

At Hinesly Orthodontics we utilize the latest technology to create the best orthodontic care for our patients. Our philosophy at Hinesly Orthodontics is combining art, science, and expertise to provide the highest level of orthodontic care possible. One of the pieces of technology at Hinesly Orthodontics is the iTero Element Scanner.

The iTero Element Scanner is a state-of-the-art digital impression system that eliminates the need for messy putty in your mouth. With our iTero Element Scanner, we can digitally capture a detailed 3D model of your teeth and gums. Not only is this process far more comfortable than the old putty based impressions, but it’s faster and can offer a superior clinical endpoint.

  • What does this mean for you? 
  • No goop or gag to worry about
  • A fast, accurate impression
  • Ideal for crowns, bridges, implants, and Invisalign clear aligners and retainers
  • See a simulation of your potential Invisalign treatment outcome

During the impression process, you can breathe or swallow as you normally would. You can even pause during the process if you need to sneeze or just want to ask a question. The scanner gives us a 3D model of your mouth that can be used for all of your orthodontic treatment needs including the Invisalign.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

3 Health Tips for the New Year

health tips

Happy New Year! The new year is the perfect opportunity to reflect and set new goals. One of the most important goals we can set for ourselves is to create or keep up with healthy habits. We are so proud to serve our Ann Arbor and Tecumseh communities. Here are 3 healthy tips to help you start a healthy oral hygiene routine.
  1. Floss! Floss! Floss! Flossing every day is even more important when you have braces. If you’re having trouble flossing, just use a floss threader with regular floss, or buy special stiff-tipped floss made for braces wearers.
  2. New Toothbrush: It's a new season and a new year, one of the most simple ways to keep up with your habits is to switch out your toothbrush. If you are using an electric toothbrush, you should switch out the toothbrush head as well.
  3. Use Mouthwash: Using mouthwash, especially during orthodontic treatment is so important. Mouthwash can easily remove food debris from areas that are difficult to reach with a toothbrush or floss. After brushing and flossing, you can swish it around your mouth for a minimum of 30 seconds. This will remove any lingering bacteria and will even help with inflammation of the gums.
Our philosophy at Hinesly Orthodontics is combining art, science, and expertise to provide the highest level of orthodontic care possible. Schedule a consultation directly online at either of our Ann Arbor or Tecumseh locations.

Friday, December 27, 2019

Thank You for a Great 2019

2019 was a fantastic year at Hinesly Orthodontics! Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for those who come to us for their orthodontic health care. We are committed to achieving excellence in our orthodontic treatment and to creating an environment that is open, comfortable and friendly. When our patients leave the office, we want them to feel better about themselves. We dedicate our time, talents and energy to this purpose.

We are so thankful for our fantastic communities of Ann Arbor and Tecumseh and all the wonderful people in our communities. We have seen countless smiles this year through both of our offices in Ann Arbor and Tecumseh and look forward to a new year of new smiles transformed.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Holiday Treats that are not Braces Friendly

The holidays are here and whether you are cozying up with hot chocolate or baking cookies, you may be wondering if there are any types of treats you should steer clear from, especially if you have braces. The answer is yes! Here are a few holiday treats that are not braces-friendly.  

  • Candy Canes
  • Fudge
  • Popcorn 
  • Peanut Brittle 
  • Anything with nuts or crunchy crusts
  • Caramel - avoid this sticky treat that can easily get caught up in your braces

Friday, November 29, 2019

Avoid Candy Canes this Holiday Season

The holidays are just around the corner and Christmas is less than a month away! No holiday season in Ann Arbor is complete without all the holiday treats! One of those treats to stay away from is candy canes. Whether you love them or don’t, candy canes are everywhere during the holidays. However you feel about candy canes, if you have braces, you may want to avoid candy canes this holiday season. 

Candy canes are one of the worst foods for teeth. Candy canes are 100% sugar. Sugar can lead to cavities, tooth decay, and loss. Candy canes are also one of the hardest treats to eat. One of the types of foods you should stay away from if you have braces (during orthodontic treatment) are hard foods and candies and candy canes fit the criteria perfectly. 

Candy canes also take a while to eat, which gives the sugar a reason to linger around longer and form into bacteria, leading to cavities. Here are other treats to stay away from this holiday season that is harmful to our teeth. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

4 Thanksgiving Foods to Avoid

Thanksgiving is a great time for family, reflecting on what we are thankful for and of course, celebrating around food. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for those who come to us for their orthodontic health care. Whether it is braces, Invisalign or preventive care, you should always take care of your smile.

If you have braces, there are a few foods you may want to stay away from during Thanksgiving.

1. Uncooked Vegetables - uncooked vegetables, in their raw form are too hard to bite and chew and may damage braces. Instead, cook or steam your vegetables, which will be much softer for your teeth.

2. Corn on the Cob - on the cob, corn can do some damage to braces, but there is no problem if it is cut off. Just be sure to floss, so it does not get stuck to your teeth.

3. Nuts - nuts is an obvious food to avoid because it can damage brackets and cause wires to come loose. Watch out for nuts, often found in pies and other desserts.

4. Caramel - caramel is another obvious dessert to stay away from on Thanksgiving (and beyond during the holidays). It is sticky and can get easily stuck to your braces.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Hinesly Orthodontics Celebrates 25 Years

We are celebrating 25 years at Hinesly Orthodontics! In 25 years, we have seen a lot of amazing smiles transformed in our communities of Ann Arbor and Tecumseh. We have hosted countless events, given tours to classrooms and have seen many smiles shine before, during and after orthodontic treatment.

For 25 years, we have combined art, science and expertise to provide the highest level of orthodontic care possible. We value our communities' trust and confidence and will work to exceed expectations.

For 25 years, we have been committed to delivering the most beautiful smiles and we are confident that you will receive orthodontic care that will truly make a difference in your life.

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